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We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Real Factors, a provider of predictive analytics for commercial real estate markets and multi-asset class investors.

The Real Factors platform allows commercial real estate investors, managers and developers, as well as their partners to better understand local and macro markets with a single terminal to consolidate, enrich and analyze vast amounts of proprietary and publicly available data. By joining 7Park Data, the team gains expansive access to best-in-class technology infrastructure, data transformation software and a diverse collection of datasets to create new value for organizations across the commercial real estate industry.

The acquisition creates an opportunity for us to serve a new customer base, as well as expand our portfolio of datasets and predictive analytics by leveraging Real Factors’ collection of payroll, permits and location data alongside their deep domain expertise in the commercial real estate market.

The Real Factors staff joins today as 7Park Data CRE and will continue serving their existing customers with a relentless focus on delivering value.

A snapshot from the Real Factors platform shows income growth in Downtown Brooklyn and Williamsburg over several months in 2018, with darker blue indicating higher income percentiles.

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