7Park Data Launches TV Intelligence, Publishes Previously Unavailable Viewership Data

We no longer have to wait patiently for the next episode of our favorite TV show to air. We can binge watch entire seasons of our favorite shows in one sitting. Whether streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, are responding to our viewing preferences or are actually shaping them, is up for a debate. But regardless, these on-demand streaming services, or so-called over-the-top (OTT) content providers, have changed the way we consume content. Yet, traditional TV research, which is modeled on ad-supported linear television, hasn’t caught up on new trends and falls short of delivering useful timely insights on viewership habits. This is why we’re excited to introduce 7Park Data’s TV Intelligence — a comprehensive set of data and insights into consumer preferences across linear TV and OTT providers, including Netflix, Hulu, and others.

7Park Data’s TV Intelligence

7Park Data’s TV Intelligence, available via API, an interactive dashboard, our Insight Report series, and custom reports, is based on viewership habits of over a million active OTT subscribers who collectively stream over one million hours of content each day. We provide data and insights into series performance, genre preferences, and studio rankings across the United States and overseas. Our unprecedented level of granularity of viewership data includes a breakdown of library (licensed) versus original content and studio affiliations.

Chart showing original and library content based on U.S. indexed streams in 2016.

Content analysis chart from OTT Viewership Outlook Report 2016

We’re kicking off TV Intelligence series with the OTT Viewership Outlook report, which includes analysis of both original and library content and program rankings based on indexed number of streams globally and in selected countries.

Request a copy of the OTT Viewership Outlook report and see firsthand the value of an up-to-date comprehensive TV intelligence.


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