7Park Data Releases a Report on Airbnb’s Growth and Impact on Travel Industry

We are excited to present 7Park Data’s in-depth report on The Growth of Airbnb and Its Impact on the Travel Industry. The report, released today, includes analysis and insights based on behavioral data from millions of global consumers, including bookings trends and mobile app engagement. Here a few highlights from the report.

  • Airbnb is growing fast.
  • Airbnb’s mobile app has grown wildly popular around the world.
  • To date, Airbnb spend is accretive to travel spending as a whole, while minimally impactful to online travel agency spending.

A one-time attempt to pay the founders’ rent in 2007, Airbnb is now the most valuable travel accommodations company in the world. Valued at $25.5 billion, Airbnb is worth 25% more than Hilton and is second only to Priceline as the most valuable online travel company.

“One of the greatest market uncertainties is how much Airbnb’s growth affects total travel spending, and how much of this effect comes at the expense of online travel agents (OTAs). The future impact of this unknown dynamic is significant,” says Byrne Hobart, Lead Internet Analyst at 7Park Data. “This data report shows that Airbnb has successfully transitioned from a marginal niche product to a meaningful player in the travel ecosystem. Its revenue and inventory growth has continued, in new and maturing markets.”

Can Airbnb scale globally? What are the risks? Read the full report for data-driven answers and unique insights.

Request the full report here.