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7Park Data’s Summer Interns Reflect on Their Experience

We’re taking a brief break from data-driven stories to share learning moments and impressions from 7Park Data’s summer interns Erica Floyd and Joe Lagani. Erica, who’s pursuing a marketing and international business degree at the University of Cincinnati, joined our marketing team in San Francisco and Joe, who’s studying mathematics and finance at the University of Notre Dame, worked with the sales team in New York. Before they’d return to school and embark on new adventures, we asked them about their experiences at 7Park Data and advice they have for their fellow students and aspiring interns.

How did you end up at 7Park Data?

Erica: I am from Cincinnati, and spent a lot of time searching for an internship outside of the Midwest. I applied for the marketing intern position at 7Park Data in the spring and was lucky enough to be interviewed and offered the job at the San Francisco location. I was excited to be a part of the team because of the amazing dynamic and the potential to make an impact at a quickly growing company.

Joe: I was able to get an interview through an employee referral. I was ecstatic to join 7Park Data for a few reasons. First, the blending of business (specifically finance) and technology is exactly what I’m studying at Notre Dame. Secondly, when I met the team, I found them to be smart, likable, and very rational people. Finally, the big data industry as whole is exciting and being behind the scenes at a relatively new company who is a leader in that industry, makes it even better.

What do you like the most about your experience?

Joe: I’d say the fact that I got to do actual work, such as competition analysis, instead of just typical ‘intern work.’ With the projects Gwil, the head of sales, gave me I learned more about the company and the industry, picked up and improved different skills, and felt like I was making an actual impact on the success of the business. Getting paid was also a nice bonus!

Erica: Everyone was very encouraging and knowledgeable, and I truly felt like I learned something each day. My team has taught me a lot about how to approach certain marketing strategies as well as ways in which you can turn data into a really interesting story that coincides with current trends in the media.

Erica Floyd Summer 2016

What was your most memorable moment at 7Park Data?

Joe: It had to be the Thursday before July 4th when I went down to McDonald’s and brought back 30 ice cream sundaes for the office! I think we got so much ice cream that the store actually ran out and had to make more! I found this experience indicative of 7Park Data’s fun culture as a whole.

Erica: Being trusted to handle different aspects of the company’s marketing was really rewarding. I got to work on social media strategies, write on the company blog, develop customer emails — just to name a few.

What’s your most important takeaway from the experience?

Erica: It was fascinating to learn about the power of data and how it can affect businesses and investment decisions. 7Park Data has given me a really great foundation in understanding data and the ways to spot trends. I hope to apply this knowledge in my future learning and professional endeavors.

Joe: Definitely the Excel skills and communication/sales skills. The advanced Excel skills will be pretty useful in most jobs I’ll have in the future and I hope to use the communication skills in negotiations or when leading a team.

Joe Lagani Summer 2016

Anything unexpected?

Joe: Probably the number of new people hired since I started the internship. I didn’t expect the business to grow at such a high rate, but I’m very glad that it’s growing so fast!

Erica: Before I began my internship, I was constantly keeping up with the company blog to gain a better understanding of the data and to stay up on current industry trends. I never thought that I would get a chance to actually write a story for the blog and have it published — but that happened and was incredibly unexpected and exciting!

Advice for future interns?

Erica: Get to know your team, learn about their interests and background, it makes the experience even more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes (within reason). People around you can be fantastic sources of knowledge and insight.

Joe: Do more than you’re asked to do. Make your work and results easier to understand, make presentations visually appealing, put extra information that you feel could be useful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure about something or if you think something can be done in a better way. Oh, and always look sharp!

Other thoughts?

Erica: If at first your Facebook ad doesn’t succeed, try adjusting your target audience!

Joe: Make sure you understand what you can get out of your internship, but equally important, what your employer can get out of having you there. If you can make an impact, produce something that is truly useful, then you’ll be learning and creating lasting impressions. Be significant in what you do.

On behalf of our entire team at 7Park Data, we want to thank Joe and Erica for their hard work, enthusiasm, and contribution to 7Park Data’s success! From the early days, we’ve welcomed young professionals to our fast-moving, diverse, and talented team at 7Park Data. We are nerdy enough to provide an intense learning experience and fun enough to actually enjoy imbuing the knowledge and putting it to an immediate use. We wish Erica and Joe tremendous success in their studies and careers, and look forward to hearing about their great achievements!

Check 7Park Data’s career page for current openings and opportunities.

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