7Park Data

A Note From the Founders

We wanted to take the opportunity to report on a couple of exciting recent events. First, we have closed a Series A round of funding from a phenomenal group of investors who share our vision. Second, we launched Traffic Intelligence, a new product suite providing unparalleled insight into online consumer and business behavior.

Both events represent significant steps toward our goal of building a great company and executing on our vision. [You can read more about these announcements here and here.]

When we started 7Park Data, just over three years ago, we observed a dramatic change occurring with respect to how businesses use information to make decisions: data-informed decision making was beginning to gain momentum.

Driven by the exponential growth of data, the availability of tools with which to harness it (creating assets of enormous insight potential), and the superior benefits offered relative to legacy methodologies, data-informed decision-making continues to evolve rapidly. Today, high quality data intelligence is increasingly critical to remaining competitive across all areas of business: strategy and investments, competitive positioning, product development, sales and customer service, M+A, and more.

What started as a trend among the most sophisticated businesses has rapidly spread, today representing a broad-based mandate among the world’s leading companies. Data is powering the way businesses do business.

We have built a business that directly addresses the rapidly expanding demand for data intelligence. We are proud to deliver the most accurate and statistically-significant data intelligence to our clients, offering insights into the companies and markets that matter—in real-time—with industry-leading information products that leverage vast amounts of behavioral data and extract the most compelling and valuable trends.

And it feels like we’re just getting started!

Between now and year end we have a number of new and exciting things in the works: new additions to the management team, product innovation and the launch of new capabilities, strategic initiatives, and entrance into new markets.

We have many to thank for our progress to date: our clients, partners, advisors, investors and our phenomenal team (!!) that works day and night to deliver significant value to our clients. Thanks to all for the continued interest in our business and we look forward to being back in touch soon with further details on our progress!

Alex Nephew and Brian Lichtenberger
Founders, 7Park Data

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