American Fast Food Apps Grow in Asia, Other Updates on App Performance Around the World

In the past couple of years American fast-food restaurant chains have been testing the waters in the app world. And, based on 7Park Data’s Movers & Shakers July 2016 Report, powered by 7Park Data App Intelligence, it looks like they’ve made some progress with mobile users in Asia: Kentucky Fried Chicken, with 68% growth, was #5 top growing app in Japan, followed by Pizza Hut HK at #11 in Hong Kong, and Domino’s Pizza at #20 in India. The US list of the top 25 growing apps did not include any fast-food restaurants.

Before you start craving fast food for your next meal, let’s take a look at other highlights in our latest Movers & Shakers report, in which we ranked top growing and declining apps, based on daily engagement by millions of users in the following regions: China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South America, Taiwan, and the United States.

In our earlier post covering the July report, we discussed how gaming apps dominated the top growing lists across all regions, with Pokémon Go stealing the spotlight everywhere it launched. In this post we focus on app performance outside the United States.

Games were not the only entertainment apps that revved up their user engagement in July. In Hong Kong, for example, a few movie ticketing apps were among the top 25 growing apps.

While a couple of movie ticketing apps made it to the top growing list in India, it was AliExpress, Chinese online shopping app, that drew our attention. The app, which launched in India in May 2015, came as #13 with 17.18% growth in the country this July. The only other shopping app on the growing list was the local Myntra (#21). Myntra, an online shopping company, went app-only earlier this year. Transportation apps, including a car shopping app, made up the majority of declining apps in the country.

With 8,340% growth in Japan, Pokémon Go made all other growing apps in the country look like underachievers. Nevertheless, four Yahoo apps increased their user engagement, including Yahoo Answers at #4 with 70% growth (and that’s considering Yahoo’s recent turmoiled past, including Verizon’s acquisition of the company in July).

Telegram, Berlin-based chat app (developed and supported by Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov) continued to grow in South America: the app saw 25.68% growth in July. In comparison with the app’s 121% growth in May of this year, this is a modest change. The Peru-based Latina app, with 77% growth, took the second spot on the top growing apps list in the region. Other local apps, including Claro Colombia and Peixe Urbano, also saw growth in July.

Interested in app performance in other geographic regions? Download a free copy of the report and gain access to the full lists and app rankings for all regions included in the report.

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