American Shows Top TV Viewership Charts Globally, Season Launches Encourage Binge Watching

7Park Data publishes industry’s first TV Intelligence report on previously inaccessible global viewership trends

Netflix kicked off summer with 12 original content season premieres, making sure we’d spend some quality time glued to our screens. In 7Park Data’s first TV Intelligence report, Over-the-Top (OTT) Viewership Outlook, we analyze both original and library content and rank programs based on indexed number of streams globally and in selected countries.

Spoiler alert: “Orange Is the New Black” (OITNB) was the most-streamed show globally. With 544% growth in viewership from May to June 2016, OITNB became the fastest growing TV program for the month of June. The growth reflects the program’s Season 4 launch, which also inspired a major catch-up on the show’s previous seasons and all the prison drama they entailed.

Here are a couple of key findings from the report.

“Orange Is the New Black” was the #1 or #2 most-streamed show in all 16 countries profiled in our report. But OITNB is not an outlier — from Argentina to Sweden, all top five TV programs were English-speaking shows produced in the United States.

Map showing indexed streams of Orange is the New Black around the world as of June 2016.

In this report, we ranked the top 20 production studios based on the number of OTT streams and found that the top two studios — 21st Century Fox Television and Warner Brothers Television — kept their leading positions at #1 and #2. However, the two movers Lionsgate and Titled Studios went from unranked to #3 and #4, respectively. The reason? Both studios are attached to OITNB, proving that a top performing TV show can shift studio rankings.

Charts showing top five studios and top five TV shows.

For more in-depth analysis and detailed charts, request the full report from our team. You will gain access to program and production studio rankings, genre and viewership analysis of both original and library content.


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