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Announcing Traffic Intelligence

We are excited to announce the release of Traffic Intelligence, the latest addition to our product suite. With Traffic Intelligence, businesses benefit from superior visibility into internet traffic and engagement on web and mobile at all levels of granularity, including individual users and websites, countries, regions, and globally, offering valuable real-time insights into evolving consumer behavior on the web.

Traffic Intelligence is highly complementary within our existing product portfolio, providing a comprehensive view into online consumer behavior.

Traffic Intelligence — the most accurate web and mobile internet data intelligence —offers businesses:

  • Access to the largest internet traffic panel available. With a web and mobile panel of more than 100 million people across 75 countries and all major global markets—including India, China, and others that are traditionally difficult to analyze—Traffic Intelligence offers businesses unrivaled reach and accuracy.
  • Valuable insights that capture market, company, and consumer trends. Traffic Intelligence tracks the web and mobile internet metrics that matter most, including market share, transaction volume, conversion rates, keyword rank, and more.
  • Microscopic and telescopic intelligence, from individual user to global trend.Traffic Intelligence offers businesses deep analysis and visibility into internet trends at global, regional, national, company, and user-specific levels.
  • Advanced customization for answering highly-targeted questions. 7Park Data’s team of data scientists and analysts continuously gather, review, and analyze data to develop customized reports on the companies, competitors, markets, and trends that matter to customers.

As an illustration of the potential insights derived by Traffic Intelligence, we included a brief look at the market share among the highly competitive Indian eCommerce market. Traffic Intelligence during 2015 (to date) illustrates share gains among unique visitors made by Amazon in India at the expense of Snapdeal. Flipkart, as the data demonstrates, remains the market leader.

India eComm

eCommerce in India, Market Share - Website Traffic

Traffic Intelligence is immediately available for clients. Learn more at 7parkdata.com.

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