Shop, Play, Read the News: App Usage by the End of 2016

7Park Data publishes the latest Movers & Shakers report, app rankings based on actual usage

With varying degree of enthusiasm, app users around the world embraced mobile shopping towards the end of 2016, as we would expect during a holiday season. Gaming apps, after plummeting on global growth charts in September, bounced back with vengeance in a few regions. Maybe driven by the US presidential elections or maybe not — news apps also popped up on a few top growing lists in 7Park Data’s latest Movers & Shakers report. The rankings in the report are based on actual usage in the following regions: China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South America, Taiwan, and the United States. Here are a few highlights from the report.

In the United States, retail stores Kohl’s and Walmart successfully tapped into mobile shopping, joining the usual suspects — Amazon and Wish. Target’s Cartwheel showed up at #5 with +32.3% growth in November. Looking for the best deals, American shoppers also frequently checked into coupon and ad apps during the holiday season. Gaming apps (Pokémon Go’s downhill slide doesn’t seem to end…) and a few security and housekeeping apps saw decline in usage. But app users found time to follow the news on CNN and Google Play Newsstand apps, taking the apps to the top growing list in the country. Long waiting lines, tempting holiday beverage flavors, new app features — whatever the reason(s) — Starbucks app had +14.3% growth in November.

Back to gaming. In our earlier rankings report we noted a sharp decline in gaming apps usage in Taiwan. With their skyrocketing growth in Taiwan by the end of 2016, Magic Legion Hero Legend, The Country Three Kingdoms, and Line’s Wooparoo Land topped the global growing apps list. A few shopping apps, including Taobao and Yahoo Shopping Center and Delivery, also made it to the top growing list in the country.

Surprisingly, all top mobile shopping apps in India — Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and eBay — were in decline in India. On the bright side, Tinder and a few news apps showed up on the growing list.

News apps, including BBC News and News Republic, saw significant growth in usage in Hong Kong. Messaging app Viber topped the declining list with -39.9%. The app’s usage was in decline in a number of other regions in November.

In Europe, news and shopping apps dominated the growing list. Busy reading news and shopping, Europeans abandoned their fitness apps: Runtastic (by Adidas) and Under Armour’s Endomondo both were in decline.

Interested in knowing how apps fared in other regions by the end of 2016? Download the free report and access the full top growing and declining apps lists.

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