China’s Bicycle Sharing Growing At Motorpace

 Ofo Leads Race For Share With Mobike In Rearview

Bicycle sharing systems are becoming increasingly popular in towns and cities around the world. They are viewed as a cheap, efficient, and healthy means of navigating dense urban environments. No other country epitomizes the growth and impact of this burgeoning industry then China, as greater numbers of operators ride into the nascent market with alternative models and novel ideas.

Over the last two decades, the confluence of economic development and the popularity of private car transport have reduced China’s love of cycling. The country’s fast-growing bicycle sharing industry is proving a boon for the two largest privately-operated leaders of station-systems: Ofo and Mobike. Both operators, which use mobile apps to connect riders and bicycles, have seen their respective businesses take off in the last year as they attract young, mobile-savvy urbanites looking to bypass city traffic.

In this report, 7Park Data explores the current competitive share standings of Ofo and Mobike in China’s largest markets. Who is leading the fiercely competitive bicycle sharing market in China and what are the implications of expanding to other markets?

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