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7Park Data Offers Unprecedented Insight into the Cloud Infrastructure Market

More Data, Better Decisions

To create the 7Park Data Cloud Infrastructure Spend dataset, we analyze raw data that originates from a software product IT and finance departments use to track customer purchases and utilization across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. The resulting reports provide an unprecedented level of data granularity into actual dollars spent, specific products purchased, and units utilized. 

This enables our users to quickly and easily identify revenue growth drivers, perform accurate and detailed market share analysis, track new product launches, and much more. They can even track spending shifts among the leading cloud infrastructure providers and break customers down by the products they purchase, company size and industry. 

Don’t Wait for the Survey

A challenge facing analysts, investors, and product and research leads and Enterprise IT firms is that most available data about the cloud infrastructure space is survey-based, which means it is anecdotal in nature, and is often released with a significant lag.

The Cloud Infrastructure dataset allows for much more timely analysis; for example, the chart below illustrates how AWS WorkSpaces is seeing record spending levels in March as AWS customers scale up work-from-home capabilities in response to COVID-19.

  • Average daily spending on AWS WorkSpaces in March ‘20 is +155% Y/Y versus +57% vs. February ’20.
  • Spending from Finance organizations increased 5x in March vs. the average daily spending in 2019.
  • 7Park’s Cloud Infrastructure dataset is tracking record monthly spending for AWS WorkSpaces (despite only through 3 weeks of data), implying customers are adopting large remote and work-from-home production deployments.

How are Software Users Driving Innovation?

In addition to ramping up investment in remote working capabilities, companies continue to invest in innovative technologies to drive their business forward. Looking at AWS Growth by Segment, Machine Learning continues to be one of the fastest growing segments, accelerating to +156% Y/Y growth in 1Q vs. +132% in 4Q19. This indicates that Amazon’s core customers continue to adopt newer, cutting-edge products and expand their usage over time.

Security remains strong too, growing +110% through February, driven by healthy growth across multiple products including Amazon CloudTrail and GuardDuty, the two most popular security services by far: they comprise over 50% of Security spend. 

What Sectors are Driving Growth?

It’s interesting to note that existing clients are spending more on AWS, especially those in the Transportation and Finance sectors – the top sectors by expansion rate in 2019, both of which are outside the “early adopters” of cloud computing. 

Another positive trend for AWS: large customers (>$1B in revenue) have expanded more rapidly than small customers. This bodes well for the rest of 2020, particularly as the world recovers from the coronavirus crisis. The larger customer base inherently has larger IT budgets and a greater ability to spend more over time, and also serves as leading indicators that other smaller companies will ultimately follow.

When you have access to this level of data granularity, you not only have more knowledge than your competitors. You also gain the advantage of speed. You can complete your research and analysis, identify investment opportunities and make decisions faster. Those are the advantages the 7Park Data Cloud Infrastructure Spend dataset delivers.  

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