Expanding App Intelligence with Download and Spending Data

We’re excited to announce the expansion of 7Park Data’s App Intelligence product with the addition of Download & Spending data, providing insight into consumer activities including daily app downloads, spending on subscriptions and one-time purchases for the US and other countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. This enhancement gives our clients additional tools to benchmark performance and project earnings for mobile apps and their parent companies.

Our App Intelligence product tracks engagement and usage for over 75 countries, including time spent, number of sessions, and user base. The addition of download and in-app spending data provides investors and app developers a well-rounded view of app performance and consumer behavior.

With this expanded dataset, clients can answer questions including:

  • What events are associated with a spike in app downloads and subscriptions?
  • How do regional price changes impact company revenues?
  • Do Android and iOS users behave differently?
  • Are competing apps acquiring users at a similar pace?

App Download and Spending is available via reports, bulk delivery, and API.

For more information and sample insights, please visit our landing page.

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