Five years ago today we founded 7Park Data based on the idea that the way investors made decisions was changing. We took a leap based on the belief that “data-driven” was not a passing fad but an unstoppable force.

Our vision was to build a company with a new type of product, based not on an analyst or a survey, but rather objective, empirical data.

Today, it’s clear that decision-making processes have evolved dramatically, and data plays a critical role throughout. Data products are undeniably capturing both wallet share and mindshare. The broader implications for the market are significant, with massive changes in store for hiring and workflow, as well as the tools and technology required to enable data-informed decisions. In order to remain competitive, businesses of all types require in-house skills to consume, organize and extract insight from internal and external data.

We created 7Park Data to empower companies to make smarter, faster and better decisions. While our mission hasn’t changed, our focus is now relevant to a broader audience of businesses and users. And our vision is bigger – positioning 7Park Data not just as a provider of compelling data products but as the platform offering the critical building blocks – Data, Tools and Insights – for both data owners and consumers, across the full life cycle of decision-making.

Our recent product and technology announcements demonstrate continued execution towards that vision. The recent platform innovation addresses new use cases with our ever-expanding audience of developers, data scientists and data publishers.

With the progress we have made during the past five years, we of course have many to thank including our marquee list of 150 clients, portfolio of strategic data partners, investors who believed in our vision and advisors that helped guide our development.

Most importantly, we are so proud of the incredible team we have assembled. Our business would never have been successful without the talent, passion and drive of our colleagues: engineers, data scientists, product analysts, domain experts, sales, customer success, finance and operations professionals.

“7Parkers” are singularly responsible for the culture we have in our company and our success to date – day in and day out demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit and builder mentality, seeking out big problems and playing to win, striving to be great partners to our clients, data relationships and to each other.

It’s been an incredible five years…our team is not done building and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next five years of 7Park Data!

-Brian and Alex, Founders, 7Park Data, Inc.

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