FT Partners Features 7Park Data in New FinTech Ecosystem Report

A new report by Financial Technology Partners on the increasing demand among investors for access to alternative investments holds up 7Park Data as one of the architects of what it calls a “new FinTech ecosystem” supporting this trend. The report provides a detailed analysis of the myriad factors driving investors to consider alternative assets. It also presents the alternative investing sector as a microcosm of the entire financial services industry’s embrace of new kinds of data and market insights, often categorized as alternative data, to power sophisticated analysis and inform investment decisions. 

“FinTech Meets Alternative Investments: Innovation in a Burgeoning Asset Class,” describes how technology is impacting the alternative investments sector “in numerous, significant ways.” It holds up five key focus areas including:

  • Analytics, Management Tools, and Reporting: Modernizing the Alternatives industry by digitizing business processes. 
  • Specialized Search/Alternative Data: Seeking investment insights through alternative sources of data and specialized search solutions (see page 24).

7Park Data is among the alternative access providers the report credits with “democratizing access to alternative investments by enabling both individuals and institutions to purchase an array of alternative investments in a more user-friendly way.”

In fact, you can apply that statement to what 7Park Data is doing for all hedge funds, no matter what their focus areas may be. 

7Park allows investors to leverage data in a few ways: for buy-side investors, we deliver company- and sector-level performance insights from multiple datasets via bulk feeds, dashboards, Excel reports, and highly contextualized Beacon report series. For CRE investors, 7Park combines unique data and ML-enabled data science to measure the potential of any neighborhood in the US with insight into labor, spending, rental, and permit activity by census block, zip-code, and MSA. The combination of unique datasets and modeling capabilities allow investors to create forward-looking views of market activity with a comprehensive understanding of underlying performance drivers.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise President Antonio Neri has said that “data is the new currency,” and that’s never been more true for all investors. Consider this statistic from the FT Partners report: when fund administrators were asked how they are prioritizing their technology investments, and a significant majority (74%) indicated they are allocating budget dollars to Big Data & Analytics. 

That prompted the report’s authors to ask 7Park Data Co-founder and CEO Brian Lichtenberger why investors place such a high value on data and analytics.

“The ability to leverage data to inform business decisions is a competitive imperative for leading companies,” said Lichtenberger. “The dramatic growth in the availability and supply of data is driving the need for technology providers that can better harness this data, extract and deliver the critical insight needed by end-users. Companies that bring this technology to the table will continue to grow, while those that do not will underperform dramatically.”

That’s the exciting opportunity in front of all of us at 7Park Data, especially in light of our acquisition by Vista Equity Partners in December 2018, which has allowed for greater investment in technology and the ability to enter new markets like corporate real estate and enterprise IT. 

Today our data portfolio includes licenses from more than 30 different partners, and many of them share multiple data sets with us. We also draw from open source libraries and metadata to contextualize and enrich our data. Our data portfolio is constantly expanding and will continue to do so because of our partnerships with Vista portfolio companies, the rapid growth in the availability of, and demand, for data, and our proficiency with automating data preparation tasks, including tagging, cleansing, and linking, across many different kinds of data and entities. 

“Data and analytics are fundamentally changing the ways in which companies compete, and industries operate, providing a highly compelling backdrop for the future of 7Park,” Lichtenberger told FT Partners. 

You can view the entire FT Partners report here. The full interview with Brian Lichtenberger begins on page 111.  

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