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Hour of Code: What’s Better than A Day of Pizza and Video Games?

By Katy Herforth

It’s not everyday I come to work to eat pizza and play video games, but Monday was my lucky day. The 7Park Data team hosted its first ever Hour of Code, which is a campaign created by non-profit Code.org. The goals are to demystify coding for kids of all ages, and encourage them to explore the field of computer science. This mission is important to 7Park Data because we rely on our engineering and data science teams, and we know that today’s students are tomorrow’s data scientists. 

We were invited to visit Middle School 88 in Park Slope, Brooklyn and talk to students about the importance of computer science and how it impacts everyday life. Then, it was time for some fun.

We led 120 sixth graders through the process of creating their own video game called Chase the Pizza. We celebrated by playing the game and (of course!) eating pizza. 

The day was a remarkable success: these amazing sixth graders, who had almost no prior coding experience, wrote 7,920 lines of code.

Fortunately for both students and the 7Park Team, there will be more coding and more pizza in the near future. Code.org is an organization very near and dear to our investor Vista Equity Partners and members of the Vista family are encouraged to support Code.org’s mission throughout the year. 

Mark your calendars for another pizza-inspired coding mission: our next Hour of Code will be in December during Computer Science week, and we look forward to sharing our experience bringing the joys of code writing to more students.

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