Today, we announce a significant enhancement to our Streaming product, Streaming Audience Intelligence. Available now, Streaming Audience Intelligence measures the streaming behavior and preferences of specific groups, for a comprehensive understanding of audience size, composition, and how they engage with platforms like Hulu and Netflix.

This data allows content creators, owners, and distributors to identify the most important viewer segments, and analyze how their behavior impacts potential revenue and licensing agreements.  With a more granular approach to viewing behavior, Streaming Audience Intelligence is a complement to Streaming Ranking Intelligence, 7Park Data’s analysis of the most popular titles on Netflix and Hulu.

Business applications of Streaming Audience Intelligence include:


What audience segments are most influential in the streaming ecosystem? There are late adopters ramping up their viewership and families embracing kids’ fare in greater numbers. Not to mention a “superfan” segment that is evolving into new sub-groups with differing tastes and preferences. Understanding the differences between drama and comedy fans, or binge watchers vs. occasional viewers is crucial for success on the platforms changing the way we consume content at home and on the road.

  • Generate incremental revenue by improving your position within the most valuable streaming segments, and find opportunities for greater consumption of current and new content among viewers.


What share of the streaming audience is viewing my content? Understand your penetration of the streaming user base domestically and abroad, at premiere and over time.

  • TAKE ACTION: Better assess your performance, and take advantage of opportunities to grow reach.


Who are my viewers? Profiling your base of viewers is just the beginning. Do you skew higher among millennial women, boomer men, or the kids set? Is your content getting its fair share of viewers?

  • TAKE ACTION: Find new distribution opportunities for your content based on demographic appeal. Use a traditional approach to gauge streaming performance and make comparisons to other entertainment channels.



What is their engagement profile? What else are the streaming? Get the full details on a viewer segment. Learn their preferences and their viewing habits. Does their engagement tend to be intense followed by a period of inactivity? Are they occasional viewers that focus on just one genre? Perhaps most compelling, understand what else viewers are watching and how streaming of other series impacts engagement, new Netflix viewership as well as retention of subscribers.

  • TAKE ACTION: Truly know your audience from a behavior perspective. Mitigate risk by identifying other places your audience is going. Leverage affinities to identify more opportunities for content to excel.

In an industry where change is par for the course, we have waited quite a while for the how, what, where, when, and who of streaming. Let us know your business questions, we can help.


7Park Data Streaming Audience Intelligence, 12 months ending June 2017, US.  As measured by 7Park Data.


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