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7Park Data’s May 2016 Movers & Shakers Report identifies the top 25 growing and declining apps in different regions of the world. 

Our latest monthly app rankings report lists the top 25 growing and declining apps, based on actual usage, in the following geographic regions: United States, European Union, South America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and India. Here are a few highlights from 7Park Data’s May 2016 Movers & Shakers report.

In the United States, three Samsung apps topped the list of growing apps. The European chat app Telegram, with 13% growth in active users, was a surprise contender on the list. For a few streaming apps, including Hulu and Soundcloud, May was a slow month in the country.

Travel, weather, and productivity apps were among the top growing apps in EU. A number of mobile games, including Supercell’s Clash of Clans and newly released Clash Royale (read our story), lost active users. The exception was Steam — an entertainment platform with access to thousands of games — the app had 8.64% growth in user engagement in May.


Chat apps Telegram and Viber gained popularity among users in South America. At #25, Uber barely made it to the top growing apps’ list in the region. The Brazil-based ride-sharing app 99Taxis came as #13 in the top declining apps in the region.

Street View on Google Maps topped the charts in EU, Hong Kong, and India. The app was also among the top growing apps in South America, Taiwan, and the United States.

Shazam, a music streaming app based in United Kingdom, revved up its engagement in India, the second most populous country in the world.

For the complete lists of top growing and top declining apps in each region, download the report and find trends and surprises in parts of the world or app categories you want to watch.

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