Monthly Streaming Leaderboard: Top Titles for October 2019

Every month we are delighted to bring you the latest performance leaderboard for movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video — based on real viewer streaming behavior from the largest panel in the industry. The performance of a title is measured by share of audience: the percentage of viewers on a service who streamed a title in whole or in part. Each month check back for our new leaderboard!

This week, explore how titles across Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video performed in the United States for the month of October 2019.



Launching in October, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie snagged first place at launch and remained there throughout the month. We also saw the launch of El Camino bring Breaking Bad back into the top 10 for a couple weeks post-launch. In October, El Camino captured 11.3% share of audience. Big Mouth held second with 9.1%.

Over the summer, it was announced that The Office would be leaving Netflix for NBCUniversal’s new streaming service. Previously in sixth place in September, we saw The Office move up to third in October with 6.3% share of audience.  Living with Yourself came in with 6.0% in fourth place, while In the Tall Grass rounded out the top 5 with 5.6%.



In October, South Park came in first with a 12.7% audience share, Bob’s Burgers was second with 9.2% while Family Guy was in third with 8.5%. The Good Place came in fourth with 7.4% and new Hulu original Letterkenny took fifth place with a 5.4%.

Amazon Prime

After launching on October 18, Modern Love quickly claimed first after debut with a 4.1% audience share, knocking Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan to second for the month with 4.0%, while Goliath fell to third with 3.7% audience share. The Expanse and Carnival Row continue neck and neck with the former at third with 2.3% and the latter in fourth with 2.2%.


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