Netflix Dominates the “Living Room” Video Streaming Wars in April

New original content propels Amazon Prime ahead of Hulu for second place, followed by Disney+ and Apple TV+

Even the famous (infamous?) “Tiger King” could not unseat “Ozark” as the most popular content among Netflix viewers. Both season 3 of “Ozark” and the documentary series “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” debuted in late March, and played key roles in Netflix maintaining its leadership position over all other major video subscription streaming platforms in April.  

That is one of the key findings of the latest edition of our Media & Entertainment platform, which now includes living room data tracking title performance and audience behavior across Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney +, Hulu, and Netflix. This positions 7Park Data as the only provider of insights into the five leading video subscription streaming platforms. 

It’s impossible to overstate both how important the ability to measure living room viewing is critical to media and entertainment professionals, and how difficult that has been for them – until now. 

All of the streaming platforms enable consumers to view content on their smartphones, tablets,   laptops and desktop computers. Yet consumers still prefer sitting down in front of their televisions. TV viewership accounts for the highest percentage of total viewing. 

The obstacle to measuring streaming audiences has long been a lack of data. Traditional viewership measurement companies provide limited coverage, and the platform providers are reticent to provide data beyond listing their most popular shows and movies. 

The 7Park Data Media & Entertainment platform measures actual at-home viewing behavior and delivers detailed, accurate insights into how much time – down to the minute – audiences spend on each platform, and what movies, tv shows, and stand-up comedy specials they watch. Our customers can analyze content performance by a number of variables, including viewing composition, cross-platform performance, and audience share. See our recent <press release> for a more detailed breakdown.

According to our April edition, most of the streaming platforms experienced surges in their living room viewership numbers as the country entered its second full month of practicing self-isolation. 

Most, but not all.

As you can see from the chart below, Netflix in April not only secured the most average household viewing minutes, with viewers spending 50% more time on the platform than in January, it also experienced a spike in viewership compared to previous months.



The most popular show on Netflix was “Ozark” with a 27% audience share. In other words, 27% of all Netflix viewers watched at least one episode in April. The documentary series “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” was second, followed by “The Office”, “Unorthodox”, and “All American”.


Amazon enjoyed a similar increase in household viewing minutes as Netflix. Amazon did not release season 6 of its episodic drama “Bosch” until the middle of the month (April 16th), but the show secured the highest percentage of views (12%), tied with the dramatic series featuring Al Pacino “Hunters” which debuted in February.


A red flag appears over the slight decline in living room viewership numbers for Hulu and Apple TV+, particularly for Apple’s nascent platform that does not have the extensive library of exclusive content its competitors do. Two of its most popular shows in April, “The Morning Show” and “Ghostwriter” debuted in Nov. 2019. However, the fact that two of the other most popular content pieces, the documentary “Beastie Boys Story” and the episodic series “Defending Jacob”, did not debut until April 24 may bode well for Apple in May. 


We will continue to introduce new living room datasets to the Media & Entertainment platform over the next several weeks, including consumers’ habits like co-viewing and binge behavior, and adding new video streaming subscription platforms such as WarnerMedia’s HBOMax and NBCUniversal’s Peacock when they become available. 

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