Seasonal Impact on App Growth

We had a blast when Pokémon Go burst onto the gaming scene and into our lives. Back in July. Then, as is often the case, the soaring rise was followed by plummeting decline: the app was among the top declining apps in seven out of eight geographic regions profiled in the 7Park Data’s latest Movers & Shakers September 2016 report (Pokémon Go is yet to launch in China). But enough about Pokémon Go, let’s move on to other apps that made splashes and hit breaks in our latest rankings based on actual usage in the following regions: China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South America, Taiwan, and the United States.

Overall, we saw quite a bit of seasonal impact on app usage across the regions. Here’s how it played out.

As Europeans transitioned from summer to fall, they slashed their use of travel apps, including and TripAdvisor, and instead dusted off their office and productivity apps. All the while, Facebook Messenger climbed to the top of the growing apps list in the region. Considering that WhatsApp has been Europeans’ chat app of preference, Facebook Messenger’s rise is worthy of keeping an eye on.

With the Super Typhoon Meranti traveling through the region in September, mobile users in Taiwan increased their use of weather apps. Coincidence or not, the start of the school year marked a sharp decline in gaming apps’ growth in Taiwan.

In the United States, the beginning of the football season drove the growth of sports apps, including Yahoo Fantasy Sports, NFL Mobile, and ESPN Fantasy Football.

Whether it’s the season or not, app users in Hong Kong kicked off fall by doubling down on karaoke: Teana K Song and Singing Practice KTV topped the growing apps list with 845% and 408%, respectively.

How did apps perform in China? Besides Europe, where else in the world is Facebook Messenger on the rise? Which ridesharing app topped the declining list in South America? Get a copy of 7Park Data’s free September Movers & Shakers Report to find out.

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