Top Growing And Declining Apps – December 2015

The 7Park Data Movers and Shakers Report is a report that examines the apps that are growing and declining the fastest. Here we rank apps based on the positive or negative change of active user growth, which is a more compelling and accurate indicator of consumer preference than other indicators, such as app downloads or rankings in app stores. The Movers and Shakers Report leverages 7Park Data’s expansive panel of millions of mobile device users across 75 countries to reflect actual consumer preferences and determine the apps that real users prefer.

The Movers and Shakers Report illustrates the fastest growing and declining apps across seven regions and countries: United States, European Union, India, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Chart showing growing and declining apps for December 2015.

Key Insights

  • Photography apps are on the rise across all regions. These range from general camera applications (Google Camera) to post-capture editing tools including:
    • PicsArt – Photo Studio
    • Photo Grid – Collage Maker
    • Layout from Instagram
  • Across the board decline in work/office productivity apps—except in Japan and India. As the year ended and Western workers took holiday vacations, productivity app usage dropped off coinciding with Christmas and New Years.Even LinkedIn took a dive in the U.S. and European Union. However, Japan and India were the two countries that did not see a decline in engagement in office and productivity apps—in fact, usage and engagement increased in December. Some apps on the decline in the West were:
    • Polaris Office 5
    • Google Docs
    • QuickOffice
    • Microsoft Office
    • Dropbox

One of the most popular games of 2014 was Piano Tiles by Cheetah Mobile; its sequel, Piano Tiles 2, was selected byGoogle as a the top game of 2015 and begins 2016 with strong, growing engagement among its users. Piano Tiles 2 ranked in the top growing apps for EU, South America and Taiwan.

To read more about the top movers and shakers of December 2015, download the report here.

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