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Webinar Replay: Is This Recovery or the New Normal?

Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell has described the U.S economic outlook as “extraordinarily uncertain.” This uncertainty makes it difficult for investors to identify the companies and sectors that will continue to benefit from the radical changes in consumer and business behavior brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. 

JP Gravitt, Head of Research at 7Park Data, recently led a webinar on how the 7Park Research team analyzes alternative datasets on consumer spending habits to identify market trends and monitor company performance during this volatile period. Click this link to access the recording. 

Analyzing multiple datasets including email receipts (primarily reflecting online purchases), OTT streaming and app downloads, Gravitt discussed how consumers and business have responded to an extended period of working, dining and staying entertained at home.


  • Demand for online orders of grocery and alcohol remains high

  • The travel industry has been very hard hit, but there are signs of growth for home sharing and Airbnb

  • Interest in at-home workouts peaked early, then saw a second wave, as demonstrated by Peloton purchases

  • The shift to work from home led to a surge in Zoom app downloads, which peaked in April and remain high


Follow this link to view our webinar for more insight into how consumer and business spending behavior is shifting, and how alternative datasets can be leveraged to inform investment decisions.

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