Yahoo Hangs ‘For Sale’ Sign, What Will Buyer Get?

As Time Inc. and Verizon Communications grease their wheels at the start of the bidding race for Yahoo’s core business, let’s take a closer look at Yahoo’s top performing mobile apps. In December 2015 we published in-depth analysis of Yahoo’s mobile portfolio. Now, we are revisiting Yahoo’s popular apps, which will be most enticing to future buyers. Below are a few snippets and additional 2016 data to get you warmed up.

Digital Content: Finance, Sports and Weather.

Traditionally Yahoo’s crowd-pleasers— Finance, Sports and Weather — maintain their competitive edge. Yahoo Finance, one of the top most popular finance apps, outperforms competitors both in terms of attracting new users and the number of daily users over the period of almost two years.

Chart listing global daily active users of finance apps.

While Yahoo Sports hasn’t been acquiring new users, the app has been increasing its daily user base and time spent in the app. During the last quarter of 2015, daily active users grew by 7.9% compared to the same time period in 2014. The app is ringing in 2016 with 27.3% growth compared to the first quarter in 2015.

Yahoo Weather, similar to its competitors, has had stagnant growth when comparing both the download rate and active users during the same quarters in 2015 and 2014: -1.1% growth in daily users in third quarter of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. The 16.4% growth of the time users spent on the app during the same quarter has been in decline since then. We see stagnant growth in download rates across other apps in the category in 2015.

Chart showing global install base of weather apps.

We can argue whether Yahoo’s diverse portfolio of apps has been the company’s winning strategy or not. The fact that popularity drops in different app categories haven’t been unique to Yahoo may not alleviate a shareholder’s pain, but it’s something to consider when looking at the company’s performance.

What is it exactly that Yahoo is best known for (after it stopped being the Internet search leader)? Maybe there’s no definitive answer. But if we take a long view of the company, we see one of the original Internet giants valued at $30 billion that continues to touch nearly one billion lives.

Want to gain industry insider knowledge on Yahoo’s app users, including competitive analysis and accurate forecast? Read 7Park Data’s report on Yahoo’s Failed Transition to Mobile. You will be equipped with enough information to draw your own conclusions as one of the most-debated and talked-about sales in Internet company history is about to take place.

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